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"I invite you to enjoy my impressions of the world.  Using flowing acrylics, layers of washes and glazes I create contemporary work which will spark colour into your home and into your life".  Christie

Christie Cramer artist

My inspiration is the beauty of a moment, as light touches a subject. A piece of foliage changes from a dull grey to a luminous green in an instant with the sun. This power of transformation is my muse... My intention is that the  positive energy involved in creating the work is passed on to the viewer.

"As I paint I see the canvas as a place of contemplation, taking me to that place where creation begins. The endless mixes of colours that present themselves in the work are like the colours dappled sunlight drops into nature. Making new combinations with every change of the light"

I love to use bold, vibrant, translucent colours which set my work apart. Subjects, while still recognizable, become abstracted versions of themselves,  often the imperfections in nature are what make a subject interesting to me and this is reflected in my work.

Since beginning to paint full time in 2014 I have been involved in many group and  solo exhibitions. I have also created commissioned pieces, working with the buyers to come up with a personalized painting to suit their requirements. I have enjoyed seeing my work find homes throughout New Zealand and overseas.


Currently a range of my prints are on display and available at The Artist Window Gallery at Tauranga's Historic Village.


I would love to hear from you if you would like to know more about my paintings just use the contact button below.

Thanks for visiting my site...   



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