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An Artful Response - Currently Exhibiting at 'The People's Gallery'

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I am thrilled to be one of 12 artists taking part in an interesting exhibition currently showing at The People's Gallery in the Tauranga Historic Village, it runs through to 30 October 2021. The brainchild of textile artist Marilyn Muirhead this exhibition revolves around the response created by art 'couples' to each others work. Each pairing is of a textile work and a pigment work.

The exhibitors are all well respected Bay of Plenty artists.

Introducing the textile artists:

Marilyn Muirhead - Mary Transom - Lois Parish Evans and Melanie Martin

Introducing the pigment artists:

Robin Purllant - Graham Baker - Debbie Clarke - Rowena Ashman - Christie Cramer - Maxine Thompson - Rob McGregor and Lyn Wats

The result of these responses is varied and exciting, with most of the work hanging suspended from the ceiling of the old Foresters Hall, giving a feeling of mystery and intrigue as you walk among them.

This is the first such exhibition in the Bay of Plenty and the feedback so far is very positive. Each of the artists will be attending to the gallery space throughout the exhibition, so on most days between 10 and 3 weekdays and 10 and 2 weekends you will be able to speak to one of the artists to find out more about how they approached their part of this amazing project.

Click on the photos below to get a sneaky peak at some of what you will see, only some detail shown here, for a look at the full paintings and textile work come along to The People's Gallery and experience it.

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