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In the Balance - an exhibition

@Imprint Gallery, Tauranga Historic Village

5 to 28 November 2021

Our tread so light it’s hardly there

Without us, the earth is bare

In my recent work insects began to appear.

At times they need to be searched for, like a child making discoveries in the garden, sometimes they stand out as the stars of the show, and at others they hide in plain sight!

While painting this series I began to recall the beginnings of the wonder I found in nature as a child, those first discoveries of the small creatures that inhabited the world around me, and also the connectedness of every little thing in nature.

I am excited to share the joy I felt in creating this small exhibition with you all.

During this process I enjoyed using different techniques, and tools such as feathers, brushes, palette knives pouring and spraying to create these works. Several of these paintings are painted on recycled supports.


“All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child” Marie Curie

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