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Bay of Plenty Open Studios - What a Blast!

We couldn't have asked for more. The Tauranga public showed up in droves to

enjoy our wonderful Open Studio Event. Positive vibes and positive feedback, from all of the almost 400 visitors that arrived at my studio to check out work by potter Jane Clark and myself. It was absolutely heart warming to see our event received so well. Eighty three artists enjoying happy visitors interested in hearing about, and seeing their work. It's hard to believe that we succeeded in a task that to be honest I think we all saw as an absolute challenge when we started organizing it in February of 2023!

The thing that struck me most about visitors who attended my studio, was their genuine interest in art, and and excitement at hearing the process Jane and I go through to create our work. I managed to paint a little on the painting which I started before the event especially so people could see how my paintings begin, in relation to the finished work. But I have to admit with the numbers coming through painting time was limited and talking and explaining the process became the main focus. I have to thank Jane for sharing my space, her pottery is beautiful and was very popular. And my four amazing friends who worked tirelessly to make the event a success. Nicola Welten, Constanza Briceno, Shona Mackenzie and Tracey Finch. You guys rock! And thanks of course to all 83 artists who fronted with their studios and their work, and the public for coming and making the event an absolute success!

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